Tuesday, September 29, 2009

gene pool did good

When the gene pool got together on Edita Vilkeviciute they sure didn't leave anything to chance. They threw everything they had into this girl and the result? Well its good a one.

She reminds me just a fraction of Erin Wasson minus the undeniable edge (I think its the eyes?) and just a little of Claudia Schiffer circa a time when she was channelling Bridget Bardot (the pout perhaps?).

Either way she sure is something and if photos proove that she is using her down-time to hang with the likes of Karl then you just know she is onto a good thing.


  1. oh, I like her, I find her magnetic.

  2. grrr damn genetics!!


  3. Edita is waaaaay cool! I always get so excited to see her ads for Aquamarine! She's beautiful!

  4. I forgot her in my last "models" post !
    what a shame***°*°*°
    really nice post*