Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sharing is caring

A few days ago I posted a little something about my deep lust for these Ashish Topshop leopard print boots. Fast forward a few days later, and I find them cropping up on Fashion Toast.

Yup she's wearing my shoes. It's all good though, I'm a nice girl, I like to share the love around and they do look loverrrrlly on her. Plus she promised she would lend me that vintage lace jacket in return.

We've got a good thing going on.

She's also wearing: Rumi for RVCA tank, H&M bra, Balenciaga cuff, vintage lace jacket, UO jeans.


  1. Thanks for reading la vie...j'aime! Lovely blog you have.

    Those shoes are fierce, haha.

  2. LOVE! I have a leopard print obsession and I think I need those heels in my life :)


  3. wow they sure are amazing! praise whoever invented platform toes, they truly are a godsend to those of us who love ridiculously high shoes but hate our feet being vertical.

    ps thanks for your lovely comment!


  4. I also following fashion toast! She always has beautiful pictures :). And I agree, those shoes are absolutly amazing ö


  5. I need those shoes. Couldn't find them online though. Did you get them recently? Seriously, I need them. :)

  6. They have sold out :( But from what I hear topshop are issuing more soon...I am checking their website hourly in anticipation haha