Monday, September 14, 2009

bring back vintage kate

Does anyone else miss vintage kate?

I saw snaps of her at last weeks GQ awards pole dancing in a divine Matthew Williamson mini dress. Not long after she was being held up by her boyfriend The Kills' Jamie Hince as she stumbled out of the event and into a waiting car. This scene plays out a little too familiar lately and its getting old.
The girl is gorgeous and she will never stop being anything short of that, but when her eye makeup is practically smeared to within an inch of its life and her Yves Saint Laurent touche eclat isnt covering anything - I think its time to call it a night.
I love a party girl just as much as the next person and lets face it she always was quite the wild child which is really just part of her charm right? But isn't there a part of you that misses vintage kate, wholesome vintage kate, doe-eyed vintage kate in her Calvin Klein ads, the Johnny Depp dating vintage kate, the girl next door vintage kate looking raw, fresh and blemish free.
Pull it together moss, for the sake of us, who watch your every move with baited breath.


    i love what you wrote about her
    and i noticed while scrolling down
    how great she was and when i reached the last photo, i thought 'gee, what happened?'
    i miss the old kate too.

  2. Great post, really!
    all these images remind me of her back in the old days, being all fabolous and amazing.
    Allthough her beauty has never left her!:):)


  3. kate and J...meant to be toghether ^.^

  4. great images, thanks for posting and thanks for your really sweet comment too!

  5. Oh, love this post! Fantastic way to start the morning.

  6. Oh, I miss vintage Kate too ~ thanks for a fabulous post!


  7. i totally agree.kate is still such a stunner but she has been a bit of a "hot mess" lately. too much eye make up and severe hair. less is more kate!

  8. this is such a brilliant post. i adore. x