Sunday, September 6, 2009

to grandmother's house we go

So technically us Melbournians are heading towards the sunnier side of the year. However one thing I have come to learn from living here all my life is that you should never pack your winter gear away and expect not to see it until autumn. Our weather does not allow for such a luxury. We have been known to have all four seasons in one day...and this all before lunch.

On the other side of the world however, they are likely to be fully embracing the season of the chunky knit with gusto. And why wouldn't they? Topshop's Unique line and Julien MacDonald (just a select few) have put forth some great knit options as part of their fall range and others have undoubtedly followed suit. You can either wear the chunky knit as an accessory (introducing the super sized scarf) or an over sized jumper dress/cardigan (my personal choice) or even as the fall season's version of the cutaway look (yes it is possible).

So with all this in mind I think I will keep my newly purchased chunky knit cardigan from Zara on the top shelf of my wardrobe...just in case a spring day turns into a winter nightmare.


  1. I love the 3rd outfit!

    Don't worry! Your spring will be perfect! :)

  2. hey lovely all the stuff you posted here

    camille x
    p.s I photoshoped the pic to get the blurred look :)