Tuesday, September 15, 2009

well heeled to increase your happy

Sometimes some days are worse than others and when you have those days you need a little something to pick you up. For me that little something usually involves chocolate and peppermint tea in abundance.

Sometimes however all it takes is a glimpse of something shiny, something structured in perfection, something that should be placed in a museum not laid to rest in a closet, something you know will make you instantly taller, something you know will attract attention. In this instance that little something just so happens to be a SHOE (or should that be SHOES?)

A Nicolas Kirkwood Spiderweb heel to be exact. Last spotted on Mary Kate Olsen in all its amazing glory at Fashions' Night Out in NYC.

Oh and then there is a little something by way of Finsk. A gold fish scale shoe boot so shiny and divine I can barely look at it.

And lastly (and yes I do realise this was part of his last season collection) may I introduce you to Alejandro Ingelmo's well heeled creation, as spotted and fawned over ever since in UK Grazia.

Yes they all brightened up my day and increased my happy ten fold. Dip them in chocolate and we may have ourselves the answer to anyone's problems...

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