Sunday, September 6, 2009

never met a girl like you before

I have a new obsession that I think is here to stay...well unless my fickle-ness kicks in at break neck speed.

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor.

Even her name screams cool. She is a bit Rachel Bilson, a bit Angelina Jolie with those lips and then just a helluva lot of rock/hippie cool (if there is such a thing). Anyone who is an avid follower of the will no doubt recognise his latest IT girl/muse/likewise obsession.

I decided to do a little more research into her background and this is what I gots so far;

* she is the daughter of Duran Duran bassist John Taylor and british born actress/photographer Amanda de Cadenet

* she was born in '92 which makes her the ripe old age of 17

* she was born in London but her parents fled to LA after privacy issues with the british press, the final straw being a photo plastered across london newspapers of her mother breastfeeding her in Hyde Park.

* she is super super pretty


  1. she is pretty! like the pictures,they always look so fun.

  2. i wish i looked like this when I was seventeen!

  3. i'm digging that feathery head dress she's wearing