Wednesday, September 2, 2009

last plane home

the reading material
the unpack
the stack

the place i want to be

the san francisco city

the fame, the fortune - LA

the place that stole our money and our souls - las vegas

the place where it was obviously all about elvis - graceland

the city that never sleeps - new york

the apparent city of love - paris

the blue blue seas the mint in the mojitos - southern italy

when in rome

the city that wasn't meant to be - london

the friends we say goodbye to

the memories that were...

Its been nearly six months since I last set foot in Melbourne. Six months mostly of spring/summer sunshine, late late nights, lazy days by pools re-counting these nights, sight seeing aplenty, running into trouble when obtaining UK visas, living in Rome and saying sad farewells to friends who now reside in London. In amongst all that though there has been one massive shining light - a credit card pushed so far to the max that it has afforded me many a pretty new thing.

One of the first things I did after my twenty four hour flight (hot shower with extreme water pressure aside), was reach for the stack of Australian Harper's Bazaar magazines that had accumulated in my absence. Before I left, tradition had it that when a new edition arrived it was to be left at my door so that when I arrived home from work on that special day at the end of every month, I would head into my room, herbal tea and highlighter pen in hand and thus spend the next few hours circling everything that I wanted.

Today, my first full day back in Melbourne, was no different...except for the fact that i think I may have exhausted my pink highlighter. Tomorrow's daily achievement? I shall begin my assault on the stack of Rush magazines in my sisters room. Yes, I'm taking my return, one day at a time...

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