Sunday, September 6, 2009

stuart weitzman opens up

Adding to his flagship store on Madison Avenue and another at Columbus Circle, acclaimed shoe designer Stuart Weitzman has just opened another, this time located on Manhattan's Upper West Side. What makes this store a little different from the others is its unique interior design. Resembling something more akin to a space ship than a shoe store, it contains an innovative ribbon shelving concept - designed by famed Italian architect Fabio Novembre. It is simplistic, futuristic and minimalistic - all the things you would perhaps come to expect from a shoe store (so that you can keep your eye on the prize!) but there is just something about its features that caught my eye.
Here's hoping that should I have the chance to visit his new store anytime soon, I am far too distracted by the interior design rather than the possibility of racking up the dollars on my credit card for his shoes!

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