Sunday, September 6, 2009

the london look

get loaded in the park festival

borough markets

portobello market


brick lane - shoreditch

A few feeble snaps from our adventures at the 'Get Loaded in the Park festival' in London last Sunday. Peaches was as crazy bold as ever, the party was relatively subdued but mostly well dressed, and the weather was c-c-coldddd (although I can't say its been much better back here in Melbourne since my return).

Then t'was for our tour of shopping and food.

For food of the best kind head to Borough Markets just near London Bridge, freshly made EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Warning you will shed tears at the deliciousness of it all.
Portobello market is a must for anyone but the antique jewellery and furniture is what hooked me.

Camden markets are by far the better of the two, its all rock god glam, studs, leather and grunge (and that's just the people). Kitsch stores selling one of a kind pieces of clothing, jewellery and accessories are all the rage. But do make sure you check out one of the many tight shops on the high street for some truly original patterns.
But my personal recommendation would be to head towards Shoreditch in the direction of Brick Lane. There you will find outdoor bars in tiny little lanes, Spittafield's Markets, all things spicy curry, old record stores, vintage store upon vintage store and a coolness so uber you can't even look at it. Managed to score me a limited edition vinyl of the best of Creedance Clearwater Revival and green denim cut offs all for the grand total of seventeen pound. All in all, a success of sorts