Thursday, September 3, 2009

into the woods we go

Went to see a friends' boyfriend's band play last night in Carlton. Suprisingly I actually dragged my jet lagged self out at 10pm from the super warm comfort of the bed in which I had been in all day and I am glad I did so. Theses guys are a seven piece band with a definite folk sound and are inluenced by the likes of The Beatles, The Shins and Fleet Foxes. Loving their song 'where the river meets the sea', very pretty.

You can catch them on or ch-ch-check out their myspace page

p.s. I was also pretty happy that I finally got to wear the lace tights I bought here in Melbourne wayyyy back in Feb (european summers don't allow for such layers of clothes). I wore them with some old old boots I found when cleaning out my wardrobe. I think I used to wear them to uni a few years back, they are sooo long that I can actually nearly wear them as thigh high boots which just excited me even more. Yes my wardrobe is that bad that I often forget about all the bits and pieces I have in there. So help me!


  1. I feel you on losing things within the confines of my closet... I used to be truly truly terrible at it, and the only way I've managed to curate my closet is to have 1. a trusted, super stylish friend capable of both tough love and slight sympathy to 2. rip your closet to shreds and throw all the unnecessary things out. You'll cry, you'll argue, you'll try and convince her that your Daisy Dukes and 80s costume prom dress should survive this Inquisition, but you'll be grateful for the space that a good, deep cleaning gives your wardrobe. It hurts, but it has to happen :)

  2. ARE THOSE VELVET BOOTS? they look yummy to eat!
    just like the velvet red cupcakes from little cupcakes on degrave (: you've been there yeah?

  3. haha i think i need to take your closet advice and find me some tough love!!

    whats melbourne without little cupcakes on degraves? just the best